Training your livestock to use the Frostfree Nosepump

  1. Train a small group (15 – 20 head) at first.
  2. Isolate these animals to the FFNP as an only source for water. Animals will bypass the FFNP in lieu of traditional watering sources until they become familiar with it.
  3. Training can be achieved most easily in summer temperatures. The 7/64th inch drain hole is for frost protection only. This hole can be closed for training (by wrapping electrical tape around the pipe over the hole) as long as it is reopened prior to freezing temperatures! Once animals have learned, there is no need to close the drain hole again. If training during fall temperatures, closing off the 5′ drain hole and making a second 7/64th inch drain hole approximately 4″ – 6″ below the lid will help the cattle learn more quickly and should withstand several degrees of frost until the cattle have learned. Once they have the opportunity to learn, plug the top hole and open the bottom one.
  4. The pendulum of the pump has two positions. The forward position provides the most water per stroke, while the back position provides an easier push for your livestock. For the training period, you can hang the pendulum on the back position, changing to the front position once the animals understand the system. (If you want the pump easier for younger livestock, or you have a deeper well, you can leave it on the back position. When the pin is in the front position on the hood, the short stainless steel pin that holds the riser rod, is in the back position of the pendulum!
  5. Hand pump the pendulum to fill the trough 3 or 4 times the first time, making sure they have a chance to see, hear or smell the water. Then go away. Standing and watching them figure it out will be frustrating for you and WILL actually extend the learning curve.
  6. By day four, all of the small group should be using the FFNP. Leave them there for a few more days to reinforce their new learning experience.
  7. Add new livestock (preferably gradually) and the experienced animals will train the new comers for you. 

Caution: If the bottom hole is closed off for training or summer months, remember to open it prior to the onset of winter temperatures!

solar cattle water pump system - Frostfree Nosepumps - picture of crew and pump system
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