Frostfree Nosepumps Ltd. Suspended Intake Dugout Float

The Frostfree Nosepump is an award-winning, power-free, livestock operated waterer.  

One of the numerous applications that our device can be used in conjunction with, is the pulling of water out of a gravity-fed wet well beside a dugout, lake, or pond.  In this application, a horizontal supply line is trenched into the ground from the body of water and is plumbed into a vertical, large diameter casing that functions as the wet well.  To ensure we realize the highest quality of water from our dugout into our wet well, it is important that the supply line intake be elevated off the floor a number of feet.  This is why the concept of a suspended intake dugout float has been developed.

According to Alberta Agriculture, the poorest quality of water in a dugout is within the first few feet off the bottom and sides.  This is due to a combination of decaying vegetation and lack of circulation in these areas.  Their suggestion is to suspend the intake of the gravity-fed water line (mentioned above) with a conventional float that sits on the water surface.  Click here to view the Alberta Agriculture link on this subject.

We agree with the theory that is promoted on this subject, but we feel that the general idea has a couple of weaknesses.  Namely, having a float at the surface makes it susceptible to weather damage, sun rot, and ice damage.  Also, we feel that the concept can both be simplified and made more reliable by creating a self-contained, suspended intake dugout float.  This is why we have designed our own dugout float. 

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Self contained dugout float

Our self contained dugout float is a simple, dual walled apparatus that contains a sealed air space between the inner and outer walls of the float.  It is constructed from ABS pipe which is not only safety approved, but readily available.  When you purchase this item from us, we include an 1 ½” galvanized nipple which is threaded into the float on one end and barbed on the other end to be pressed into your water line.  Our self-contained dugout float is a simple and effective way to ensure your gravity fed wet well provides you with a constant supply of the highest quality water from within your source.  By attaching some non-corrosive rope, cable or chain between our float and a weight that will sit on the floor of your dugout, you can control what elevation within your dugout your intake will draw water from.


Frequently Asked Questions

As long as your supply line is semi-flexible and of a similar size, you can buy a different galvanized nipple that goes from 1 ½” threaded to a slightly larger or slightly smaller barbed end to accommodate your line size.

Click here to review our suggested process for installing a wet well on a dugout or pond.

We build our self-sustaining dugout floats with approximately 30” of dual wall air space.  You need a minimum of 30 lbs of weight to ensure that the buoyancy of your dugout float does not overcome the weight.

You can use anything that won’t deteriorate the quality of water in your dugout and that won’t deteriorate itself by constantly being submerged in water.  We like to use a cinder block as it is an appropriate weight, and has natural large holes in it to tie your non-corrosive rope around.

For any further questions, or to order your dugout float today, please contact us via our toll free phone number, by clicking our email address at the top of the page, or filling out your details on our order page.

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