Frostfree Nosepump Livestock Water Pump

  • The Frostfree Nosepump livestock waterer requires no power source
  • The pump is activated when livestock pump their own drinking water
  • The livestock pump works 12 months a year, regardless of the temperature
  • Frostfree Nosepump livestock water pumps have been on the market since 2002

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The award winning Frostfree Nosepump is an effective, year-round livestock watering device.

It is a very simple device that employs a mechanical piston pump to draw water from a relatively shallow water source in the ground below the frost zone.

The pump is designed for large-bodied livestock such as cattle, horses, and bison, as the livestock actually pump their own drinking water on demand.

Our livestock waterer works twelve months a year regardless of the temperature, and is protected from colder elements in a number of ways. The Frostfree Nosepump can be relied on to work even in the coldest of Canadian winters.
MORE INFORMATION: how the livestock water pump works in cold weather.

For more information on the Frostfree Nosepump livestock watering system
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Frostfree Nosepump Benefits:

  • A livestock waterer that increases production:
    Providing reliable access to higher quality water results in better yields from your herd.
  • A livestock waterer that improves herd health:
    Keeping your livestock (and their contaminants) out of their water source improves animal heath.
  • A livestock waterer that saves you money:
    You’ll have no monthly power bills, no upkeep of electrical components, no batteries to maintain, no generator expense, and no fuel costs;  you can literally water your herd for free.                         
  • A livestock waterer that saves you time:
    No more hauling, pumping, or carrying water, no chopping ice, or thawing water bowls. Your livestock work for you, instead of you doing all of the work for your livestock.
  • A livestock waterer that helps save the environment:
    Keeping livestock out of natural waterways and dugouts not only keeps these sources cleaner, but allows for re-establishment of vegetation in surrounding areas, which will in turn reduce erosion and help filter run off. The Frostfree Nosepump qualifies for a number of environmental programs such as the Canadian Agricultural Partnership and ALUS. We continue to work with organizations like Alberta Environment and the National Resources Conservation Service.







    What’s New at Frostfree Nosepumps Ltd.?

    IMG_2263To address a specific concern that some producers had regarding watering calves in the summertime on pasture, we have developed a summer only, Frostfree Nosepump supplied, creep watering attachment that provides exclusive access (for calves only), to free-choice water. True to our philosophy, this attachment does not require any ongoing costs or inputs for your herd to utilize it. Click here to learn more about calves and the Frostfree Nosepump.

    The Story Behind The Frostfree Nosepump Livestock Waterer

    cattle-water-pumpJim Anderson developed the Frostfree Nosepump livestock watering system on the Anderson farm South of Rimbey, Alberta, Canada in 1999. After experiencing success with the pump, Jim developed Frostfree Nosepumps Ltd., and attained Canadian and US patents. Jim and his family then began marketing and selling the pumps throughout North America, and beyond. The Frostfree Nosepump has been very well received, and there is now an extensive client base across Canada, the United States, and Europe. Jim, along his wife Jackie, and their son Jeff continue to work collaboratively with progressive-minded livestock producers to provide a livestock watering solution that maximizes production, minimizes inputs, and offers a safe, environmentally friendly option for reliably providing water year-round to their animals. The Anderson Farm is now a third-generation Farm (owned and operated by Brendon Anderson and family) and continues to be the hub for Frostfree Nosepumps Ltd.

    The Frostfree Nosepump Philosophy – “Simplicity equals Reliability”


    We have seen major developments in technology over the past decade or two. As such, we are constantly bombarded with new and complex products to help make our lives easier. While we at Frostfree Nosepumps Ltd. do appreciate what modern technology has done for our quality of life, we have proven to ourselves and our customers, that simplifying a solution may often lead to better results. Instead of having to rely on factors that we can’t control (or repair), such as grid power, batteries, solar panels, sensors, and electronics, the Frostfree Nosepump livestock water pump relies solely on natural, renewable recourses; namely geothermal heat and livestock power. Ultimately, as long as there is heat in the ground and thirsty cattle, horses, etc, our customers can rely on the Frostfree Nosepump to provide quality drinking water to their animals. Click here to read some of our customer reviews.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What makes this system reliable in cold temperatures?

    Reliability is achieved by combining 4 elements of protection; a minimum cribbing size helps us capture geothermal heat. Insulating the cribbing internally retains the rising heat. Installing an insulated pad around the cribbing significantly reduces the amount of frost in the ground, and a small drain-back hole installed in the vertical plumbing allows the uncontaminated water to drain back into the cribbing when not in use.
    More Information: Winter Cattle Watering Systems


    How many head of livestock does one Frostfree Nosepump service?

    One Frostfree Nosepump will water up to 100 head (50 cow/calf pair). This is assuming the livestock are within one-quarter section, and that they have access to it 24 hours per day. Multiple units can be installed on a wet well to increase watering capacity.


    How much does one Frostfree Nosepump cost?

    One Frostfree Nosepump retails for $1699 CAD. In order to utilize our system, one must develop their wet well first, ensuring to encompass all 4 elements of cold protection. The entire installation costs will vary but an approximate cost range of $5000-$7000 for a complete installation can be used as a rough budget. Remember, once the system is installed, there is NO cost of inputs moving forward!


    How deep of a water source will this system draw from?

    The difference in elevation between the static water level and the head unit will specifically dictate how much force is required to manually operate our device. The static water level should be less than 40 feet, and the shallower it is, the larger scope of livestock that will be able to reliably operate the device. The deeper the well, the more power required.


    How do I get my livestock to use this system?

    A few steps prior to introducing one’s herd are: eliminate access to all other water sources, introduce a core group of 5-10 head first, then integrate the rest of the herd later, temporarily disable the leak back hole, put a small amount of water in the trough incentivizing the animals to push on the pendulum, and remove yourself from the area so as not to be a distraction.


    Can calves use this system?

    A static water level of 20’ or less allows calves to transition onto our device naturally. For deeper static water levels, we developed a creep attachment. This attachment diverts a small portion of water from each stroke of the pendulum by the cows, through a small line, a conventional float, and into a conventional trough inside creep panels. This dynamic allows the cows to pump water for their calves during warm weather.

    Frostfree Nosepump Price Information

    For more information on the Frostfree Nosepump livestock watering system
    please call: 1-866-843-6744
    or email us:

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    For more information on the Frostfree Nosepump livestock watering system
    please call: 1-866-843-6744
    or email us:


    MORE INFORMATION: reviews and testimonials about the Frostfree Nosepumps livestock waterers


     For more information on the Frostfree Nosepump livestock watering system
    please call: 1-866-843-6744
    or email us:

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    Enable your livestock to work for you!            Simple...            Maintenance free operation.            The animals pump their own water!            Keeps livestock water sources clean and allows for use of remote pastures.            Field tested in Northern Climates!            No electrical dependency!            Suitable for cattle, bison, horses!