Heated Livestock Waterers vs Frostfree Nosepumps

Heated Livestock Waterers Require A Pressure System

Heated livestock waterers are the most common cold weather watering system used for herds in North America and beyond, however they pose some significant drawbacks. Heated livestock watering pumps require an existing pressure system to work off of. If one doesn’t exist, it can be quite costly and time consuming to develop one. 

While the Frostfree Nosepump can be adapted to a pressure system, it does not require one. The Frostfree Nosepump livestock waterer simply requires a wet well on top of, or beside a water source, so that it can draw water on demand.

heated livestock water pump system - Frostfree Nosepumps - picture of pump system with cattle
livestock water pump system - Frostfree Nosepumps - picture of pump and crew

Heated Livestock Waterers Require Electricity

A heated livestock waterer requires power to both pump and heat the water supplied for your livestock. This means there is a constant electricity expense associated with providing water to your livestock. Also, a heated livestock waterer requiring electrical power cannot be utilized in remote areas where there is no power. 

The Frostfree Nosepump requires no power whatsoever as the water is pumped by the actual livestock themselves. As such, our system can be installed anywhere that a producer can access a reliable water source. The Frostfree Nosepump requires no external heat source as it has been protected by five very simple yet important principals during installation. 

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Heated Livestock Waterers Often Freeze

Heated livestock waterers are theoretically designed to withstand cold temperatures, however during extreme cold periods, they often fall short of their goal and freeze; most often in the supply line running up to the trough. This weakness not only affects the reliability of the watering system, but causes the producer time and expense in figuring out how to thaw the supply line, and prevent freezing from happening again. 

The Frostfree Nosepump is protected from extreme cold via five important principals implemented during installation. If a producer strictly adheres to all five of these principals during installation, we guarantee that system will not freeze even when it is colder than fifty degrees below zero (-50 c).

heated livestock water pump system - Frostfree Nosepumps - picture of pump and cattle

How A Heated Livestock Waterer Works

A heated livestock waterer is a device that holds a certain amount of water in a heated trough on demand for the livestock to consume.  It functions by having a constant water supply (from a pressure system) up to the above ground watering device. This constant water supply is controlled by a float system in the heated waterer that shuts the water supply off once the water bowl has filled to a certain level. 

There is an electrically powered heating element in the water bowl that heats that water sitting in the bowl to protect it from freezing in cold weather. When livestock consume water from the small trough, the float drops and allows the pressure system to force more water into the trough. The water continues to flow into the trough until the livestock have stopped drinking and the water level rises enough to force the float into the shut off position again. 

How The Frostfree Nosepump Livestock Waterer Works

The Frostfree Nosepump is a device that livestock use to manually draw water from a wet well overtop of, or beside a reliable groundwater source (i.e. shallow well, dugout, pond, river etc.). 

This award winning livestock waterer pump is a powerless system that relies only on geothermal heat from the ground, and thirsty livestock to function year round in any climate. Please review the factors that we implement to prevent frost here. The plumbing (including the cylinder with the piston in it) is suspended from the Frostfree Nosepump down into the water in the wet well (below ground level and below the frost zone in the ground) with a one way foot valve allowing the system to maintain its prime (see applications diagram for clarification). 

The livestock push on the pendulum which is attached to the piston pump that is suspended into the water. During normal operation, the first animal receives water on the fourth push (weep hole can be disabled during introduction of this device to your livestock) and then each full stroke of the pendulum nets approximately one half litre of water into the trough for consumption. Two and a half minutes after the Frostfree Nosepump is left idle, the weep hole has allowed the top five feet of the vertical supply line to drain away from the surface, back into the source. 

The drinking trough does not need to be drained as there is never an overabundance of water (livestock consume what they pump). As such, it is very important to note that bacteria cannot get into your water source as no contaminated water is allowed to drain back.

livestock water pump system - Frostfree Nosepumps - picture of pump

For more information on the Frostfree Nosepump heated cattle water pump system
please call: 1-866-843-6744
or email us: info@frostfreenosepumps.com

Frostfree Nosepump Benefits:

  • A livestock water pump that increases production:
    Providing reliable access to higher quality water results in better yields from your herd.
  • A livestock water pump that improves herd health:
    Keeping your livestock (and their contaminants) out of their water source improves animal heath.
  • A livestock water pump that saves you money:
    You’ll have no monthly power bills, no upkeep of electrical components, no batteries to maintain, no generator expense, and no fuel costs;  you can literally water your herd for free.
  • A livestock water pump that saves you time:
    No more hauling, pumping, or carrying water, no chopping ice, or thawing water bowls. Your livestock work for you, instead of you doing all of the work for your livestock.
  • A livestock water pump that helps save the environment:
    Keeping livestock out of natural waterways and dugouts not only keeps these sources cleaner, but allows for re-establishment of vegetation in surrounding areas, which will in turn reduce erosion and help filter run off. The Frostfree Nosepump qualifies for a number of environmental programs and grants. We continue to collaborate with organizations like Alberta Environment and the National Resources Conservation Service.
heated cattle water pump system - Frostfree Nosepumps - picture of pump and cattle
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