Frostfree Nosepump, and Accessory Prices

When assessing the comparable value of the Frostfree Nosepump livestock waterer, it is imperative that two very important factors are taken into consideration:

  1.  Once the livestock watering system is properly installed, the spending stops. There are absolutely no ongoing input costs such as a monthly power bill, solar panels, batteries, motion sensors, heating elements or other things to maintain. You can literally water your livestock for free.
  2. The Frostfree Nosepump livestock waterer qualifies for environmental, watershed, and riparian protection based funding.  A considerable portion of the total cost of installation can be recovered from local, provincial/state and even federal agriculture & environmental organizational programs. However, as these programs regularly expire and get renewed, you’ll need to do a little research to fully understand what is currently available in your area, and then apply for the proper grants.

The following is a price list of a variety of parts that you may need for your installation.  The Frostfree Nosepump itself is protected from independent reproduction by multiple patents.  The rest of the parts in this list can be acquired from us directly, other independent retailers, or fabricated by yourself, the end user.  Prices may vary regionally and are subject to change without notice. 

Part Picture Price
Frostfree Nosepump
*includes cylinder, foot valve, fittings, and
instructional DVD
livestock water pump $1699
Cribbing Lid (as per specific O.D. measurement)
(extra $100 per additional pump added to the lid)
 lid 24″ – $400
30″ – $425
32″ – $450
36″ – $500
48″ – $650
Cribbing Insulation Kit
(Includes 2 – 4′ sleeves and 2
top insulation discs)
 Insulation sleeve 24″ – $425
32″ – $525
36″ – $575
48″ – $725
Pipe & Rod (plumbing assembly)   $175
Dugout Intake Float Assembly

(dual wall floating intake float designed to be attached to a weight that sits on the floor of the dugout to keep the water intake off the floor of the dugout)

 Dugout Float $200
6 metre Poly Culvert
(dual wall, HDPE poly culvert – O.D. 30″, I.D. 24″)
 Poly Culvert
Bulkhead Fitting

(a quality method of plumbing your horizontal supply line through the wall of your culvert)

Pitless Adapter
(for pressure system installations)
 Pitless Adapter $70
Hudson Valve
(for pressure system installations)
 Hudson Valve $95
Replacement Stop Washer
(white stop washer used to set pendulum stroke)
Replacement Cylinder
(cylinder with piston pump inside)
Replacement Foot valve

Replacement Instructional DVD or Flashdrive
(originally comes with your Frostfree Nosepump)


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Enable your livestock to work for you!            Simple...            Maintenance free operation.            The animals pump their own water!            Keeps livestock water sources clean and allows for use of remote pastures.            Field tested in Northern Climates!            No electrical dependency!            Suitable for cattle, bison, horses!