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About The Pump
Frostfree Nosepumps have been on the market since 2002. The Frostfree Nosepump will easily accommodate up to 100 head per pump (50 pair or 100 cows). Multiple units per well, will accommodate larger herds for livestock watering.

The construction and operation of the nosepump is simple and energy-free, other than the energy required by the cow to operate the lever.

The design of this livestock waterer includes a small, enclosed trough with a lever apparatus that is pushed by the animal's nose. This is set on top of a culvert, set vertically into the ground to whatever depth is required to make use of the ground water or dugout level. An installation depth of at least 20' with a minimum 24" diameter culvert is recommended in order to capture sufficient geothermal heat in the prairie provinces of Canada. Adjustments in depth can be made for warmer climates. The nose-powered lever apparatus operates a piston pump which is suspended in the well - much like the old hand pumps. With provision for frost protection (outlined on Prevent Freezing page), the pumps work trouble free.

Prevention of contamination of the water source is a major focus of this system. The design of the pump will prevent backwash, and the details of the system including a cement pad will prevent ground water contamination.

The installation of a unit such as this is fairly simple and, with the exception of drilling the well or trenching from a dugout or pond, can be done by the farmer/rancher in most cases.

The total cost of the complete system varies with the required depth (depending on the water table) and the rates charged by the contractor. Total installation cost includes a pump or pumps, drilling or trenching, culvert, hose, lid, insulation, rod pipe and insulated platform.

Applications include systems in which dugout (pond) water is diverted underground to the bottom of the culvert (wet well) by gravity flow, thus providing the opportunity to utilize a dugout year round without the use of electrical energy or heat. The same technique can be used to collect spring water in a reservoir and then divert to an upright culvert (wet well) on firmer ground.

This low cost, low maintenance, year-round watering facility can provide access to areas that previously were not considered for livestock watering because of the cost or unavailability of an energy source. It can facilitate winter feeding in non-traditional areas, swath grazing, and accessing remote pastures.

Enable your livestock to work for you!           Simple...           Maintenance free operation.           The animals pump their own water!           Keeps livestock water sources clean and allows for use of remote pastures.           Field tested in Northern Climates!           No electrical dependency!           Suitable for cattle, bison, horses!                    
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